André Cardoso

Prototype Series – Unity Technologies

Project contribution:

  • Prototype Programming (Unity + C#)
  • Technical Art
  • Video script
  • Voice over
  • Video editing
Prototype project showcasing Procedural Animation

The Prototype Series is a collection of videos that demonstrate how multiple features of Unity can be used to achieve compelling game mechanics that can be used in real-world scenarios.

The videos are structured to be high-level overviews, averaging from 5 to 10 minutes. By providing a fast and “snappy” video, the goal is to provide content that is technical enough for intermediate users but also entertaining to watch for any type of creator.

Prototype project showcasing VR development (with Alex Schwartz)

Every project from the series is available to download for free so that users can open the projects and dissect them for education purposes.

With this type of content, the goal is to create an easier path for our users to understand the game development workflow and the different parts of Unity – facilitating the onboarding. We also want to inspire our users by showcasing and proving that all kinds of gameplay are possible with Unity.

Prototype project showcasing game-cinematic creations
Prototype project showcasing the creation of an ability system