André Cardoso

Mix and Jam

Project contribution:

  • Prototype Programming (Unity + C#)
  • Technical Art
  • Animation
  • Video script
  • Voice over
  • Video editing
Game mechanics and their Mix and Jam recreations (side-by-side)


Mix and Jam is a YouTube channel devoted to replicating mechanics from popular video games using Unity.

Splatoon’s ink mechanic recreation – Mix and Jam

There are plenty of ideas behind the development of the Mix and jam projects and videos:

Improving game development skills with creative problem solving
I personally believe that by reverse engineering games that are successful, designers and developers create a vocabulary of techniques and a lot of the theory behind what is needed to deliver fun game experiences.

Inspire people that want to become full-time game developers
I’ve found that the #1 reason why a lot of people don’t actually get started with game development is because of how “impossible” it seems. This was actually my case, I never truly saw myself coding my own games. After I had the opportunity to “break” that barrier, I always look for opportunities to enable people to get started looking into it as a reality.

Help developers making projects downloadable as a study resource
Since this project is part of a learning journey, for me it makes total sense to have people get this as a resource on their own journey.

Allow people to visualize the technology behind games
There’s also a space for people that don’t actually work with games but are interested in learning more about the making of the craft.

Link Between World’s wall merge mechanic recreation – Mix and Jam



The Mix and Jam project also initiated a digital game creation marathon event called Mix and Game Jam!

The 2020 edition of the event had over 3.200 people signing up and a total of 673 games submitted!

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