André Cardoso

Whatsapp – Product evaluation and conception

Project contribution:

  • Product Designer
  • Design Researcher
  • UI/UX

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Design 2017.1

The project focused on understanding the user’s pain while using the web version of WhatsApp.

Focus Group

The objective of the group discussion was to obtain general feedback regarding some pain points and insights regarding their experience with the application.

The result of this focus group has indicated certain issues users had with their experience:

Evaluation form

With some of the user’s pain points exposed, we proceeded with our research by doing an evaluation form to understand from a bigger audience which of these issues were more relevant to solve.

In this form, we have used the Likert Scale to obtain better results.

The results of the form showcased which problems were indicated as negative and very negative.

Design iteration

With the results from the evaluation form, we designed a series of solutions for the most relevant issues present in the application.

Text Formatting – Original interaction
Text Formatting – Proposed solution
Information hierarchy – Original and Proposed solution
Login experience – proposed solution

Functional evaluation

After iterating possible solutions for the issues presented – we ran another form to evaluate by comparison users’ preferred approach to the specific feature/system.

The results of the form showed that our design solutions had around ~80% of preference within our subjects, which concluded the main goal of our study case that using known evaluation techniques helps design iterations be more precise and effective.